A&R Consultants presenting “Cost Effective and Value-based Evidence Development” at the the 11th semi-annual Diagnostics Conference in Boston December 4-5th

Removing a Puzzle Piece

Cost effective & Value-based Evidence Development Abstract: One of the more significant barriers to obtaining coverage and reimbursement for a new or established advanced diagnostic is the high cost of the evidence development establishing clinical relevance. Creative approaches and a multi-prong strategy are critical to successfully balance evidence development with budget limitations and internal/investor pressure Read more »

Webinar – Payer Expectations to Cover and Reimburse your Test

Pointing at the Strategy Gear

Understanding Payer Expectations to Cover and Reimburse Your Test Wednesday, November 29th @ 10:30 a.m. (30 minutes including Q&A) Payers are willing to cover and reimburse an advanced diagnostic that impacts treatment decisions and improves patient outcomes. It is also important to demonstrate limited healthcare care dollars are being used in a cost-effective manner. It’s Read more »